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Couldn't feel better, my body, energy & mobility is allowing me to continue to stay active. Yes I understand that this may shock others… And it's because my lifestyle and bodies condition coming into my pregnancy was not like theirs and that is the honest truth. I would train 8+ @hiit_australia sessions per week, work 80+ hours per week, my alarm is 4am Mon-Sat & every 2nd Sun, I clock off around 8:30pm Mon-Fri, I sleep on average 4-5hrs a night, I eat 80/20, 80% really wholesome & healthy & 20% is usually little tasty treats but it's also not always the case as i don't always feel like rubbish. My body isn't a pussy (excuse my language) I have never treated it soft, I've never not worked my ass off or never NOT worked since I was 13yrs (2-3 jobs at one time). My body is sooooo use to my constant hard work that it can handle high stress environments like what brushing your teeth may be for someone else. I know this sounds harsh but it's so bloody annoying how the uneducated can't just move on, you have no idea about me, haven't pre-screened me, haven't been to any of my appts, you also aren't even qualified in the field, yes you've had a baby or a number of babies but that's not making you a doctor… Sorry! I'm 100% doing what is 100% safe for my baby & my body, what works for me may not work for the next pregnant lady… that is obvious. If there was any message my message would be that I would love anyone considering to conceive to get themselves in a healthy routine beforehand, to help give them the opportunity to be allowed to continue being physically strong and active throughout their journey. In saying that, you won't know what is thrown at you until it happens as every pregnancy is different an comes with its own set of challenges. TO SEE THE FULL VID CHECK OUT MY SNAP CHAT (chontelduncan) ✌🏽️✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽 #38weeks

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Someone cannot wait to be a big brother! PJ 🐶 #19daysleft

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BUMP UPDATE 🍼 38 weeks…. Only 14 days to go 🙈 An I am still baking 🍞 this little coconut of mine, he is rock bottom, very active & giving me constant pressure "down there" as if to tease me like he's ready but not giving up easily. Maybe my active lifestyle, long work days & events have him super comfy as we all know babies love movement & attention. This journey is almost over & I have to say it's been the most AMAZING journey imaginable. I've learnt so much about the human body, about creating life, how to bring up a little human & I've learnt that I was capable of a lot more then I ever thought. I remember opening up my business @hiit_australia & people had whispered that I was over doing it, that I would burn out, get chronic fatigue, I wasn't living blah blah blah well the lifestyle they judged only intensified & now I'm doing it whilst 9months pregnant. I honestly believe if you respect your body & I mean properly respect it and most importantly if you have a healthy mindset (no self hate, no bad relationships with who you are or with food etc) the body will work the way it was designed to. I was blessed to have found my love for this lifestyle at a young age (I believe) & with that, made it my career. I get to meet incredible people everyday, I get to see people smile from within because they successfully changed their lives & I get to go to bed each night proud of the person I am. I wouldn't say I've never made a mistake…I've made plenty, I wouldn't say I just straight up succeeded…I fell many times. I would say, I never gave up on wanting to be the best version of ME! My baby will be given two of the best examples of what love, happiness, kindness & life is all about. He will be given two people who will demonstrate how important it is to help others & most importantly he will be given a home of wealth. Wealth to me is a busy house of many children, passionate parents & a lot of noise. Everything I have done up until this point was to be in the position I am in today. Labour is around the corner & I am so… TO CONTINUE READING CLICK THE LINK IN MY BIO (Facebook page) 📲

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